Quick Seller Guide.

Seller Guide

Amadike.com.ng is a marketplace that provides you the opportunity and platform to earn money with your skills. It allows sellers to detect their price of service offered. Before we commence let’s associate ourselves with some freelancing terms.

At Amadike.com.ng sellers are charged some percentage of the earnings generated by a seller after a transaction has been successfully completed. This fee varies and is charged in accordance with the value of the transaction or with the level of the seller.


This is a freelancer or a registered seller with the sole purpose of rendering his digital skills to a buyer at a specified price.


This term is used to describe the action where a buyer secures the services of a seller. In other words, it is when a buyer buys a gig.


As you satisfy your customers with quality work, you will be promoted to higher statuses in this freelancing marketplace. These statuses are known as levels. Each level offers you unique options which allow you with the privilege to embrace more opportunities and increase your earnings.

Level 1- Rookie

This level is attained after you have successfully completed a #100,000 worth of services in the next 30 days. Another requirement to reach this level is earning at least 90% of positive ratings on your services delivered to buyers.

Level 2- Master

The requisite to earn this position is to $200 worth of sales after two months of excellent services rendered. At this level you must have gotten over 95% wonderful ratings from buyers you have offered your services to.

Top Rated Seller

This is the vantage point of the Amadike community. At this point, you are considered a professional and experienced freelancer. At this stage, every option will be unlocked for you to earn a decent income from freelancing.

January 19, 2018