How to Post a Job request.

How to Post a Job request. is a freelancing website with millions of professional freelancers ready to bid on a posted job. As a seller, after you have registered, the next step is to look for the services you need as a buyer. At the home page click “post new request”. At the post request page, this is where you will make a request for the sort of service that you are looking for. Posting a job will allow you to secure services that match perfectly with your need in a service.

You may find it difficult posting a job if you are a newbie on our platform. In order to make it easier for you, we will use few pointers on how to post a job in hiring a freelancer for a wonderful working experience.

Title box

This is a section of the page where you will write the title of the job. Ensure that you describe the job that you want clearly.


Description Box

This is a section of the page where you will be allowed to describe succinctly in 500 characters, what and how you want your job to be done by sellers.


This serves as keywords which enhances the visibility of the service you are looking for. Choose keywords that are related to the service you need to purchase.


This section allows you to choose the niche under which the exact service you are looking for falls under.


This box contains a drop-down menu highlighting the number of days during which you expect the order that you placed for to be completed. You choose any that will be convenient for you.


This is where you enter the range of budget that you can afford to secure a service. Payment is done using USD.

Upload attachments

This section is where you will upload any files document that needs to worked on. The file document may contain further instructions regarding how you want a job to be done.



January 9, 2018