Quick buyer Guide


Amadike.com.ng is a freelance marketplace that provides you the opportunity to get  skills services from over 1000+ freelancers across the globe ,  we trained and market talented freelancers  to deliver a first class job at your service , .

buyer are customer who are looking for services .

to get started , kindly search for a service and select from list of freelancers who have skills on your service .


place order  immediately , amadike  smart Escrow put your money on hold till freelancer deliver your job at your satisfaction  , before money can be release to the particular freelancer .


amadike.com.ng have  a dedicated escrow platform   between the buyer and the seller with a feedback rating system .  customer can rate and leave feedback to seller at every completed task/service . please watch the buyer guide video for your best understanding about amadike freelance website .

October 3, 2020